Our Process

At Mia Simone Beauty Group, we help clients in all stages of growth, from indie brands entering the market through global brands bringing in multi-millions in revenue. We lead brands through each stage of our process and offer a-la-carte services depending on needs and budget.





Market overview & industry consultation specific to your brand

Research & identify a list of potential retail partners

Review solicitation process & materials to identify areas for improvement

Develop & manage launch tracker

Exclusive launch methodology with proven buyer communication & checklist for successful launch

Research & identify exclusive opportunities for prospective accounts for competitive edge in the solicitation process

Set realistic, attainable launch budget & goals within a feasible time frame

Review contracts for key accounts & provide negotiation guidance

Solicit potential partners & schedule meetings to present brand

Buyer follow-up & communication to facilitate closed deals

Strengthen strategic retail & e-commerce relationships with buyers

Set marketing budgets for key accounts & build seasonal marketing calendars

Monthly retail, e-commerce sales review meetings & recommendations

Serve as a reliable & trusted contact for buyers

Go to market tool kits: products, promotions, content, events & merchandising

Consult on market trends, leveraging consumer & market research

Develop brand partnerships & drive awareness through new channels

Manage new product launches in retail & web, including sell-through of new product launches

Maintain competitive advantage through retail advice & support

Provide an accurate profile & overview of the beauty industry

Continued support in retail account management & adapting to industry changes

Launch. Build. Repeat.

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